Below is a list of the best bitcoin affiliate programs. The first step is
to sign up for the websites and give them your bitcoin or other
cryptocurrency address,
to get a bitcoin address, you will want a
cryptocurrency wallet. Once you are registered, they will assign you a
unique URL or promo code. You can then start posting these on your
website, in your email marketing campaigns or on social networking
sites. Many of your referrals will come from your friends and family
that are ready to join the bitcoin revolution so be sure to give them
your links.
Coinmama is a cryptocurrency exchange allows users to purchase both bitcoin and Ethereum
on their platform. This company offers you 15% commission on all of your referrals purchasing
from their website using your personal referral link, including lifetime future purchases.

They promise no limitations to the referral commissions you can earn by joining their affiliate
network. In addition to your personal referral link, they also offer banners to place on your
website. The payout from this website is monthly, toward the end of every month. However, you
must have three successful orders made by at least three users to get a payout from
EXMO is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that pays a commission of 25% of every transaction that
your referrals make. There is no limit to your commissions with the affiliate; they pay out this commission
for every transaction your affiliate makes in their lifetime. You can use their website to keep track of
your referrals and transfer funds to your wallet at any time.
Exmo provides a referral link as well as a website banner for sharing on your website. They even allow you
to add your referral link in your signature on the EXMO forum boards so that anyone landing on these
pages can possibly view and use your referral when joining.
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Changelly is another really decent exchange where users can exchange dollars for a wide range of
cryptocurrency from bitcoin to dogecoin. It will search for the best exchange rate and then purchase them
for you. Its basically an instant cryptocurrency exchange which has some of the best crypto-to-crypto
rates on the market.
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Bitbond is a bitcoin lender that will pay you for referring both borrowers and lenders to their site. You
can earn up to 50% commission from this referral as well. Bitbond offers 20% of the original fee as your
commission for every borrower you refer to their global network. You will also receive an additional 30%
commission for every lender you refer using your affiliate link.

You will also receive commissions for two years from the date of your referrals registration. Even if the
referral does not register right away, they have three months to register once they have visited the site
using your referral link. Once your referral has made a transaction, your referral payment is processed
instantly. While this is a high commission rate, Bitbond will only pay for loan transactions that have
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XCoins is another bitcoin lender that pays up to 50% to affiliates for referrals. This commission paid
from this company is for the lifetime of each referral you send to their website. Their affiliate system has
a tiered sub-affiliate incentive program as well. With XCoins, you not only receive payment for referrals
but for their referrals too. This tier 2 level commission is 3% for the lifetime of their transactions as well.
This could be very lucrative, as every referral you send them that takes part in the affiliate program is
tiered to your affiliate list too.
XCoins also accepts both credit cards and PayPal on their platform. Accepting PayPal is very popular with
this bitcoin affiliate, as not all affiliates have adapted PayPal as a form of payment yet. XCoins also gives
you a promo code for giving your referrals for easy tracking. When using this affiliate, keep in mind that
they will only pay for loans that actually process and payout instantly to your xCoins wallet.
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Ledger wallet is a hardware wallet for storing your Bitcoin and Altcoins safely and securely. They
are a big player in this market and give buyers a wide range of different models.
They are offering their affiliates 15% commission on the net sale ( exclusing VAT and shipping costs ) which
is the highest of all  the hardware wallet affiliate schemes.
They pay monthly and they pay you in BTC straight to your Bitcoin address, which you will need to provide
them with when you sign up.  
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LakeBTC is a major worldwide bitcoin exchange that also provides online wallets. This affiliate pays out
up to 30% lifetime commission on all of your referrals to their site. While your referrals do not have to
purchase immediately, they do have a year from their registration date to make a purchase or exchange on
the LakeBTC market. With this being a worldwide exchange, it increases your chances of getting more
people to join their exchange as more currencies are involved in worldwide platforms.  
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SimpleFX is a mobile trading platform that offers a multi-level affiliate referral program. This
company also offers marketing tools and an affiliate panel. This affiliate lets you earn up to 25% from
your referrals and an additional 5% from everyone they refer. This affiliate program is lifetime and has no
limits. You will always receive a commission for your referrals every time they make a purchase/sell on the
SimpleFX platform.   
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Binance, Similar to HitBTC, this exchange supports crypto-crypto trading and has a range of altcoins
available (currently 88 tradable pairs), many of which aren't available on HitBTC at the time of writing
Commission: 20% of Binance fees for referred users indefinitely.   
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HitBTC is a popular cryptocurrency cointrading exchange.  this cryptocurrency coin trading exchange
currently has over 300 coins offered to trade, allowing many smaller altcoins to be bought and traded.
Commission: 50% of HitBTC fees for referred users indefinitely.
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Cryptopia, This exchange has grown significantly in popularity in late 2017, offering over 1,100
trading pairs at the time of writing this, with a 24-hour trading volume of $200M.
Commission: 10% of Cryptopia fees for referred users indefinitely.  
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BITMEX   This exchange is more useful for experienced traders, offering very high leverage for margin
trading (up to 100x). Trading with leverage is very risky, so we tend to only refer this exchange when
writing about margin trading, and give warnings when we do.
Commission: 10% of BitMEX fees for referred users indefinitely, up to 20% if referred users trade with >
10k Bitcoin (the person you refer also gets a 10% discount on fees for 6 months)  
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LocalBitCoins.  This is a very popular peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange (with buyers/sellers in 248 countries as of
writing this), allowing you to send/receive money from someone local to where you live. Similar to CEX.IO, they also offer
a high commission for referred users, although only for 3 months after someone signs up, not forever.
Commission: 40% of LocalBitcoins fees for referred users for 3 months.   
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WCX  Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange ready to launch soon!  earn WCX by sharing, more info
SYNAPSE  You get 100 SYN Tokens for referring someone to sign up  more info
Westland Storage  you will receive 10% from their deposits on the
first level, and 5% from their deposits on second level.       
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ARCONA Has a very high rating and a good cryptoaffiliate program more info
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