How does it work?
A contract gets made between the borrower and the
lender (or lenders) to borrow a specific amount of
Bitcoins. The loans can have a duration of 6 weeks all
the way up to 5 years.

The borrowers get a rating before they are able to
publish their loan request. To get a rating they need to
verify their identity, the rating is also based on their
financial assessment.

To be able to get funded, the loan request is published
in the Bitbond marketplace where lenders can place bids
during an auction. The loan request is up in the
marketplace for up to 14 days.

Both borrowers and lenders get a payment schedule
that will be displayed in their member’s area and
personal account after an auction has finished

Plain and simple:

Bitbond leverage on the bitcoin technology and payment
network, and have created the world’s first global
market for small business loans.

This is something that would not be possible in the
traditional banking system because it would take (Way
to) long time and would be waay to expensive.
Can you make a lot of money?
You can, of course, make good money with this, there is
no limit, you can invest as much as you like.

The return rates are good at Bitbond, and more
importantly, this is a way for you to add another passive
income stream to your arsenal. You can never have too
many of those.     
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What is xCoins?
xCoins is officially a peer-to-peer lending platform that
connects bitcoin lenders and borrowers. Loans that
originate on the platform are person to person; xCoins
is merely the middleman that facilitates the transaction.

The California-based company allows users to get
bitcoin through a “secured loan,” which can be paid for
with any payment method recognized by PayPal. Unlike
regular exchanges, borrowers can get their money back
if they no longer want the bitcoin.

Lenders can also join xCoins for free. If you decide to
lend bitcoin, you can set your own interest rate, collect
the loan origination fee and the PayPal processing fee.
xCoins recommends that lenders set their interest rate
fee at 15% to start.

xCoins has a detailed process in place for both lenders
of bitcoin and those who want to borrow it.
you can also buy bitcoin with paypal!     
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